Modular kitchen

Modular is among the top priority segment in designing your home, because in today’s busy life when you need everything systematic and time saving, how can you forget kitchen where you spend almost 3 hours of days, modular kitchen not only add beauty to your beautiful home but it also give best use of every ‘inch’ space in your kitchen making it more functional and systematic keeping every utensils, appliances and groceries at their perfect place designed within your kitchen in beautiful manner.

Modular Kitchen designing options always based on your kitchen size, we have solution for every kitchen either big or small. Modular kitchen styles are available as per dimensions within your kitchen as well as budget, requirements and family members for whom you are cooking and serving food. Most Important – Modular Kitchen should be manufactured in Marine ply 16-18 mm with both sides laminated to make it moisture resistant and termite proof, never use MDF Board because it’s made of small plywood blocks inside the board and its just by chance either your channel screws are on plywood or hollow space resulting failure of movement of channels attached with accessories after few days

Most popular Modular Kitchen styles are:

After finalizing kitchen style you have options for latest accessories available for proper functionality within your kitchen for utensils and other groceries, moreover there are lot of kitchen accessories attractions popular in western countries which provide more storage within very small space such as pantry wall unit and magic corners

Laminate and Acrylic shades options:
  Regular Laminate
  Brushed or textured Laminate
  Hi Gloss Laminate
  Hi Gloss with MR Tuff
  Acrylic Sheet