Island Counter

Island counter in modular kitchen can be designed as per available space within your kitchen, some people use it as dining table or bar counter other can also keep hob on island counter. Modular kitchen provides systematic storage and easy accessibility to every item as per there usage priority during cooking and serving food. Installing modular kitchen is always appreciated in today’s interior conscious & busy life because it enhances beauty and functionability moreover everything in modular kitchen is factory made ready to install, we just need 2 days to fit everything in kitchen without disturbing your daily schedule.
We manufacturer modular kitchens in Marine ply 18 mm having both side laminate to protect wood from termite and water which in results provides long life of kitchen, we never use MDF board or particle board in our kitchen as they are cheaper options but durability and wood life factor as compare to marine ply is just half.
Front side laminate finish can be regular, brushed, textured or high gloss as per customer’s choice, shutter can be made of acrylic sheets as per preference.